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Kamirobo-FightFujiyama VS Knight Cobra
Thunder Tiger, Bird Man's apprentice, gets his first big break when he is invited to fight against The Ole, a top wrestler hailing from the same team. He was picked based on his outstanding performance at Cobra Gym, where he trains.
What's Kami-Robo
Kami-Robo are robot fighters made from paper, measuring about 15 to 20 centimeters tall. They have joints at the shoulders, hips, elbows, knees, wrists and ankles, which enable them to move freely and smoothly. They are designed to fight.
In the 20-odd years that Kami-Robo have been fighting, organizations have come and gone, which has forced wrestlers to regroup and form new coalitions. Peep into the lives of Yasui's wrestlers, and see a reflection of reality. Their world epitomizes real life.
The trail of trust and treachery reveals the dynamic history of Kami-Robo wrestling. At the same time, the character of each wrestler becomes more apparent with each fight. Some are macho, some timid, some shrewd, some stubborn. Both in and out of the ring, the fighters have lives and stories to tell.
Get a glimpse of the action-packed world of Kami-Robo through photos. Also, check out information on trading cards and other Kami-Robo products and projects, such as the upcoming animated film.
It all started with a phone call.When I emailed Mr. Aoki, head of butterfly-stroke inc. and a longtime friend, I mentioned that my son was so into Kami-Robo fighters that I felt compelled to make him a wrestling ring.
If have a Kami-Robo you'd like to share with us, please send a photo, with your name and a message, to info@btf.co.jp